Emergency Route 72 Bridge Repair Completed Early

Photo by Kimberly Bosco

MANAHAWKIN – Emergency construction on Route 72 finished one week ahead of schedule, New Jersey Department of Transportation officials said.

The construction, needed to stabilize slopes near the West Thorofare Bridge for the Route 72 Manahawkin Bay Bridge project, required lane closures in both directions on Route 72.

Emergency work began June 4 and was expected to last three weeks. Construction crews installed steel sheeting to stabilize slopes around the West Thorofare Bridge between Cedar Bonnet Island and Bonnet Island. There is some additional work needed, but NJDOT officials said it can be done off roadway with no impact to traffic.
The work needed is very loud, which prohibited it from being done at night.

The $312 million Route 72/Manahawkin Bay Bridge project began in 2013 and should be completed sometime in 2021.