Efforts Continue To Rescue Missing Dog

Jax. (Photo courtesy Stafford Township Police Department)
Jax. (Photo courtesy Stafford Township Police Department)

STAFFORD – The Stafford Township Animal Control Department continues to search for Jax, the Boxer/Rottweiler mix dog who ran from an accident scene by the Causeway Bridge on Route 72 Monday.

According to authorities, the dog was seen Tuesday and is apparently uninjured.

Animal Control is asking the public to not intervene is attempting to rescue or secure the dog.

“When dogs go missing, they experience fight or flight, and right now, Jax is in flight mode. When dogs experience flights, they run and will continue to run out of fear even from their own owner. They do not recognize their name, they do not recognize their owners, and they are solely focused on survival,” a statement from the Stafford Township Police Department read.

The dog is afraid of men, water, cars and rain. Authorities are working to keep the dog secure and isolated so he calms down and can be more easily rescued.