Deadly Stafford Intersection To Change

After serious crashes, the intersection of Route 72 and Barnacle Drive will be modified so that no left turns will be allowed. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

STAFFORD – The intersection of Barnacle Drive and Route 72 will be revamped so that drivers will no longer be able to make any left turns, officials said.

(Photo by Chris Lundy)

The problem is that people coming out of Barnacle can go left or right onto Route 72. If they go left, they are crossing oncoming Route 72 traffic. Additionally, people can currently make a left from 72 into Barnacle. This would also make them cross oncoming Route 72 traffic.

Therefore, the township will be changing the traffic there so that left turns are prohibited in both circumstances, Business Administrator James Moran said. If a driver needs to make a left, they would have to do so at a traffic signal.

A triangle island will be built in the middle of Barnacle near the intersection that would steer cars in such a way as to discourage left turns. Signage will also be installed, he said.

(Photo by Chris Lundy)

Money for the project has already been allocated, he said. The town had been waiting for a permit for the work from the state Department of Transportation, since 72 is a state road.

Stafford Police Chief Thomas Dellane said that the intersection of Barnacle Drive and 72 is one of the most dangerous in town.

“Most of our very serious accidents have been there,” he said, including at least one fatality.

“All the accidents I’m familiar with have been left turn maneuvers,” Dellane said of the area. Therefore, he said he thinks that this change will help reduce the amount of crashes that take place at that intersection.