CARES Act Can Fund Rent Payments

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  LACEY – A county representative came to the most recent meeting of the Township Committee to inform the public that CARES Act funding can be used to pay back rent under some circumstances.

  Civil Division Manager for the Ocean County vicinage of the New Jersey Supreme Court Stephanie Hudson discussed the CARES Act emergency rental assistance program with the governing body and the public. She said the program allows for $26,610 in back rent and three months going forward.

  “That money goes directly to the landlord and the application is digital,” Hudson said. She noted a representative of the program is available to speak with at the Lacey branch of the Ocean County Library on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to noon.

  “You can also contact our department at 732- 504-7000 ext. 3460 or stop by 118 Washington Street in Toms River and we can give you all the information that you need,” she added.


  Township Clerk and Business Administrator Veronica Laureigh asked if this was a joint application between a landlord and tenant.

  “Yes, but if there is no cooperation between the two, the program would try to get that money. As of right now there is no deadline for applications,” Hudson added.