Barnegat Police Cadet Training & Application Process Updates

Photo courtesy Barnegat Police Department

BARNEGAT – Barnegat Police have had a lot on their plate recently.

Barnegat’s Junior Police Academy has begun training as of July 9, according to Barnegat Police. The young cadets and future officers are working on classroom training, physical training, and even learning how to identify, dust and lift fingerprints, right off the bat.

In addition to this, the command staff is currently sifting through the top 35 candidates from the entrance testing process. After interviews, the best four candidates will move on to the committee for consideration as potential new officers.

Photo courtesy Barnegat Police Department

With the viral trend of police department lip-syncs going around, Barnegat Police have also been receiving numerous requests from residents to take part in the challenge. Whether they will perform this yet has not been announced.

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