Authorities Urge Residents To Lock Their Vehicles

Photo courtesy Barnegat Police Department

  BARNEGAT – The Barnegat Township Police Department is urging locals to lock their cars as motor vehicle thefts have increased in the area.

  The message stems from a recent investigation of an attempted car theft where the key fobs were left inside, becoming an easy target. Police said the homeowner was fortunate to see the suspects and interrupted their attempt at stealing the car.

  “As we have previously mentioned, incidents of reported motor vehicle thefts have increased statewide. The increase within Ocean County is partially due to would-be offenders from outside of our community seeking out high-end vehicles that are left unlocked with the key fob inside,” Barnegat Police said in a statement.

  Police also stated how unlocked vehicles could also lead to suspects attempting to enter a victim’s home, by finding an unlocked door, window, or through the garage by activating the garage door opener if found inside the car.

  “We cannot stress this enough – keep your car doors locked. Do not create an easy opportunity for those committing these crimes,” Barnegat police said.