Two Police Officers Injured During Arrest

Stanley Williams (Photo courtesy Ocean County Jail)

LAKEWOOD – A 25-year-old township man was taken into custody on the night of April 17 after attacking three police officers while brandishing a knife.

   Officers Joseph Rusk and Matthew McAvoy responded around 7:10 p.m. to Lisa Robyn Circle after receiving a report that a male and female were involved in a verbal altercation. They did not find anyone in need of assistance at first but following multiple checks of the area, they were alerted by Kadiatu Sesay, 50, who informed them she and a friend were conversing in the living room of her home when her 25-year-old son, Stanley Williams came down from his upstairs bedroom acting erratically. 

  Sesay led the officers back to her Lisa Robyn Circle home and after entering the residence Williams had already retreated to his bedroom. The officers, as well as back up officer who joined them at the scene, went up to the third floor and identified themselves.

   After knocking on the bedroom door, they requested he come out. When he did, he began striking officers McAvoy and Rusk about the face and head with what appeared to be a knife. He continued to advance towards them as they stood in the stairway. 

  The three officers sought cover but not before officers Rusk and McAvoy sustained injuries to their face and head. The officers left the home to access their injury and seek treatment while additional units arrived.

   The exterior of the home was secured as they awaited the arrival of the Lakewood Police Department Special Response Team and Crisis Negotiator Sgt. Peter Aakjer who was able to establish contact with Williams. Despite an intense and extensive effort to convince him to surrender, Williams would not comply. 

  Around 2:30 a.m. the Lakewood SRT, along with assistance from the Ocean County SWAT, made entry into the home. As the team made their way through the home, they encountered Williams as he sat on the staircase, armed with what appeared to be a handgun. 

   Williams quickly retreated to his room and efforts were again made to have him surrender but all attempts were ignored. Once the tactical teams were in a safe position, Lt. Robert Shimonovich deployed pepper spray rounds through the third-floor bedroom window.

   Williams emerged from his room a short time later. He was unarmed, and placed under arrest without incident. After he was taken into custody, police located an approximately 12” smooth edge knife that was used to strike officers Rusk and McAvoy, as well as they firearm he possessed on the staircase. 

  Upon further inspection of the weapon, it was determined to be a realistic looking pellet gun. Williams was charged with Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Weapon, Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, and the Attempted Murder of two Police Officers. 

  Williams was subsequently transported to the Ocean County Jail. The Lakewood Police Department would like to thank the Lakewood Emergency Medical Services, the staff at Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, and the members of Chaverim who volunteered their time in responding.