SUEZ Continues To Take Environmental Action During Earth Month

Photo courtesy SUEZ of Toms River

  TOMS RIVER – As communities around the world celebrate Earth Month, SUEZ is taking action as climate change and other human activity impacts the environment. SUEZ is working now to conserve water and the energy necessary to deliver it to over 56,000 customers in South Jersey.

  “Water is essential to life, but it is also a finite resource,” Jim Mastrokalos, Director of Operations said. “We know that to combat all of the environmental challenges that are facing our world, we need to use everything at our disposal to protect and preserve natural water sources and finished, treated water that we deliver to customers every day.”

  SUEZ also aims to lessen greenhouse gas emissions, promoting renewable energy and optimizing energy consumption, allowing them to ensure that drinking water production is achieved with the environment in mind. 

  At their Toms River location, all internal fluorescent lights for LEDs at each of its seven water treatment plants were replaced. What’s used now is more efficient LED light fixtures to reduce the overall electricity consumption and save approximately $8,000 annually. As a result, there is considerable reduction in landfill and hazardous material disposal.

  SUEZ has improved pumping at two treatment plants over the last few years, saving between $25,000 and $35,000 annually.

  It is estimated that six billion gallons of drinking water are lost to leaks and water main breaks each day in the United States. SUEZ has installed five district meters at their elevated storage tanks to improve monitoring of water loss. They’ve also replaced 26,500 feet – or five miles – of water main in South Jersey in the last year, improving system resiliency, which significantly lessens the chance of water being lost due to water main breaks.

  Using these procedures, the company has saved approximately 75,000 gallons of water per day in Lambertville within the last six months.

  SUEZ is encouraging their customers to take the initiative to preserve natural resources.

  “As a company we recognize the critical responsibility we have to provide water services in an environmentally-conscious and sustainable manner,” Mastrokalos said. “The actions that we are taking now are designed to preserve and protect our natural resources for years to come.”