Reports Of Armed Child, 8, Closes School, But Reports Unfounded

(Photo courtesy Lakewood Police Department)
(Photo courtesy Lakewood Police Department)

  LAKEWOOD – Initial reports of an 8-year-old taking a weapon to school was unfounded, police reported.

  The Oak Street School was locked down by the building administrator as a precaution after there were reports of the student bringing the weapon to school, police said. When officers arrived at the school, they approached the 8-year-old student and learned that he was not armed. They also made sure there were no weapons in the classroom or bus that he rode in that morning.

  Police said the school administrator is handing this internally and the State Division of Child Protection and Permanency was also notified.  

  “We’d like to take this opportunity to applaud the school staff and students for their response to this incident as well as the many first responders that assisted,” the police department stated, noting the help of Lakewood EMS, Lakewood Fire Department, Patrol, Detectives, School Resource Officers and Strategic Response Unit.