Police Warn Of Another Dangerous Challenge On Social Media

Social media. (File photo)
Social media. (File photo)

OCEAN COUNTY – Authorities are warning about another challenge on social media that can hurt kids.

  “The Skull Breaker Challenge” on Tik Tok involves two kids challenging a third to jump as high as they can, according to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. When the jumper is in midair, the other two kids kick the jumper’s feet out.

  “This ‘Challenge’ has already caused serious injuries to unsuspecting kids,” the prosecutor’s office said, encouraging parents to talk to their kids about doing dangerous things like this. The prosecutor’s office did not state that any injuries happened locally.

  Yahoo News compared it to the Tide Pod-eating challenges of yesteryear, or the Bird Box challenge, when people filmed themselves doing things blindfolded.

  Two young people were confirmed to have been hurt in the U.S. from this latest craze, but the Yahoo writer warned that the real reason people are finding out about it is from parents sharing it on their own social media.