Police: School Buses Are Delivering Food

Photo by Judy Smestad-Nunn

  OCEAN COUNTY – Given that schools have been closed for weeks, some residents have expressed concern to see private bus companies with vehicles on the street. Police said that these companies have been investigated and that they are being used to deliver food for students who are on the free meal plan.

  The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office reported that they have been contacted by residents regarding the buses, and so have the police departments of Toms River and Lakewood.

  The Prosecutor’s Office found that 85 buses from four companies (Jay’s Bus Service, Masoras Avos Bus Service, Seman-Tov Bus Service and Hartnett Bus Service) were being used to deliver food to homes in Lakewood, Toms River, Brick and Jackson. Some of the drivers were accompanied by children who were helping.

  Police are now encouraging any buses being used in this manner to have signs on the outside to tell onlookers that they are being used for food deliveries. They are also encouraged not to have children involved in the deliveries.