Officials: Remember To Check For Refund Policy

Christmas Tree Lights. (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

  OCEAN COUNTY – One important thing to always consider when doing your holiday shopping: can this item be returned?  Ocean County officials are reminding residents to be aware of this consumer right while hitting the stores this holiday season.

  “With all the excitement and anticipation of the holidays, it is easy to overlook things like store refund policies,” said Ocean County Freeholder Joseph H. Vicari, who serves as Chairman to the Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs. “You do not want to make a large purchase only to find out later that the return policy does not fit your expectation if needed.”

  In New Jersey, every retail establishment is required to disclose its refund policy, whether it be:

  • On a sign attached to the merchandise itself.
  • On a sign affixed to each cash register at the point of sale.
  • On a sign which can be easily viewed by the consumer while standing at the cash register.
  • On a sign posted at each store entrance used by consumers.

  The disclosure should tell you your refund options – cash, credit, or store credit – provided the merchandise you are returning has not been used or damaged. It also must inform you if there are any other terms or conditions which must be met in order for you to receive a refund.

  “It is a good idea to take a minute to review the store policy before making any purchase,” said Vicari. “A little time spent in so doing can save a lot of potential aggravation if a return is desired.”

  For more information, visit the Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs at 1027 Hooper Ave., Building #2 or call 732-929-2105.