MacArthur In The Lead Against Kim, Race Isn’t Over Yet   

Tom MacArthur & Andy Kim

NEW JERSEY – Republican incumbent Tom MacArthur is showing a slight lead against Democratic opponent Andy Kim for a seat in New Jersey’s third congressional district this election.

As of the early hours of Nov. 7, MacArthur leads with 136,408 votes against Kim’s 134,093 votes. MacArthur holds the majority at 50 percent to 49 percent of the vote.

However, the race is not yet over. Although Kim is still over 2,000 votes behind in the polls, some provisional and mail-in ballots have yet to be factored into the vote tally.

According to Kim’s campaign, this could potentially swing the outcome of the race.

According to a report by ABC6, six precincts in Burlington County “have still not been tallied, and provisional and mail-in ballots have not been counted. Provisional ballots have also not been counted in Ocean County, though all precincts there are reporting.”

Ocean County officials state that over than 2,000 provisional ballots still need to be counted in Ocean County and thousands more in Burlington.

“We’re going to make sure every single vote is counted,” stated Kim in an address to his supporters on Election night.