Law Enforcement Cracking Down On “Move Over Law”

Photo courtesy Manchester Township Police

OCEAN COUNTY – Ocean County officials and law enforcement are cracking down on the New Jersey’s “Move Over Law” this Labor Day weekend.

Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato recently announced Ocean County Law Enforcement is coming together to promote the Move Over Law in response to the recent incident in Manchester Township on August 9. This incident involved four Manchester officers at a motor vehicle stop; three officers narrowly escaped serious injury, however, the fourth was injured seriously and is still recovering.

Motorists are encouraged to abide by the Move Over Law to prevent accidents and “near misses” when there is a traffic stop of emergency vehicle on the roadway.

“Making roadway traffic or emergency stops is one of the most dangerous functions law enforcement officers and emergency responders do in the line of duty. Drivers are drawn to emergency vehicle lights by what police call the “Moth Effect”,” said Coronato. “From 2003-2013, 138 officers were struck and killed on our Nation’s highways. This is a disturbing statistic that can easily be addressed through awareness of this simple law.”


Ocean County law enforcement agencies in various municipalities are partnering to spread awareness of the Move Over Law. They will be distributing an informative flyer to those observed not abiding by the law so that they can educate the public.

Manchester Township Police Department is taking this campaign the extra mile. The department has also produced an educational video promoting the “Move Over Law” in response to the August 9 incident.

“Motor vehicle stops are a part of the job for our patrol officers, but we all have a responsibility to pay attention. When you see flashing lights, slow down and move over if you can. Many officers have lost their lives due to distracted drivers who fail to observe the move over law.  Please take a minute, slow down and move over. As evident from this photo showing the tire imprint left on one of my officer’s uniform pant leg, my officer’s lives are depending on you,” said Manchester Township Police Chief Lisa Parker.

NJ’s Move Over Law was implemented in 2009 to reduce death or injuries to roadside emergency workers like police officers, ambulance drivers and tow truck operators. Motorists must change lanes and “move over” for emergency vehicles with flashing lights, whether it is approaching or stationary. If a lane change is impossible, prohibited by law or unsafe, drivers should reduce their speed and be prepared to stop.

If you violate the “Move Over Law,” you could be facing a fine of $100 to $500. For more information, visit