VIDEO: Police Officers Injured In Traffic Stop, DWI Arrest

MANCHESTER – Four Manchester Township police officers and a pulled-over driver suffer injuries when a pick-up truck came barreling into the stopped vehicle. The whole thing was captured on video from inside the police cruiser.

Manchester Township Police said the incident happened on Thursday, August 9th. According to a press release from Captain Todd Malland, Patrolman Gavin Reilly and members of the Manchester Township Police Department’s Narcotics Enforcement Team stopped a Ford Explorer on Route 37 eastbound near Northampton Boulevard in Toms River.

While officers were outside their vehicles, a Ford Expedition which was traveling east struck the stopped Explorer. At the time of crash, officers had the driver of the Explorer outside of the vehicle and under arrest for drugs.

39-year-old Christopher Zarro of Manchester, stopped after the crash and got out of his vehicle. He was not harmed.

The injured officers have been identified as Sargeant Richard Mazza, Patrolman Christian Nazario, Patrolman Gavin Reilly and Patrolman Peter Manco.

Photo courtesy Manchester Township Police

Injuries to Mazza, Nazario, and Reilly were minor incliding injured knees, elbows and hands. All three officers did not require additional medical treatment at the scene. The fourth officer, Ptl. Manco, sustained injuries to both knees and lower legs and was transported to Community Medical Center in Toms River by Quality Medical Transport where he was treated and released.

The man arrested during the initial motor vehicle stop, who was not identified, sustained minor injuries to his back and legs but refused medical attention at the scene.

Zarro was arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated by the Toms River Police Department.

The incident is under probe by the Toms River Police Department’s Traffic Safety Unit.

Police also remind everyone about the Move Over Law which is designed to protect police and motorists during a traffic stop. Ironically, the crash happened right near one of the Move Over Law road signs.