Jersey Shore Residents: Use Odd/Even Outdoor Watering Schedule

Garden hose. (File photo)
Garden hose. (File photo)

  NEW JERSEY – With increased high-water demands as well as a planned outage at a primary water treatment plant, New Jersey American Water is asking their Monmouth and Ocean County customers to use an odd/even schedule for outdoor watering.

  “We hope that our Monmouth and Ocean County customers will voluntarily adopt odd/even watering practices as we continue through the summer,” Carmen Tierno, senior director of operations at New Jersey American Water, said. “Practicing odd/even watering now will help us manage a finite supply of water, yet our customers will still be able to maintain their lawns and gardens.”

  Odd/even guidelines are:

  • Outdoor water use on odd-numbered days of the month if your street address is an odd number (i.e., 23 Oak St., 7 Maple Ave.)
  • Outdoor water use on even-numbered days of the month if your street address is an even number (i.e., 6 Oak St., 354 Maple Ave.)
  • Water early or late in the day to minimize evaporation

  Exceptions are:

  • Watering of new sod or seed if daily watering is required (Note: it is recommended that any planting of new sod or seed that has not already taken place be delayed until the fall)
  • Use of private wells for irrigation
  • Commercial uses of outdoor water, such as for nurseries, farm stands, power washing, plumbing, athletic fields, and car washes
  • Watering of athletic fields

  For more information and additional tips on wise water use, visit the New Jersey American Water’s website at under Water Information.