Guadagno Wins Ocean County GOP Nod

Kim Guadagno with George Gilmore. (Photo courtesy of John Raue via Twitter)
Photo courtesy of Robert Skinner

TOMS RIVER – At a meeting of the Ocean County Republicans, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno won their endorsement and a spot on the primary ballot under their party line. The vote was held March 8.

“By supporting our campaign, Republicans are sending a loud message: We must set better priorities in Trenton to make our state more affordable,” she said in a press release. “As governor, I will audit Trenton, cut taxes and increase accountability with an independent attorney general.”

According to the official tally, she won 153 votes. Jack Ciattarelli won 8 votes. Joseph Rudy Rullo won 6 votes. Hirsh Singh won 1 vote.

George Gilmore, head of the Ocean County Republicans, said she has been in the county a lot over the course of her tenure, attending to the needs of towns here.

“She’s been very active on the statewide level to help businesses and create jobs,” he said. As a woman, she provides a different perspective in Trenton, and understands the struggle of the many residents who are living paycheck to paycheck.

“She has the assets, and drive, and personality – she’s an extremely likable person – to give Republicans the best chance to win in November,” he said.