Darker Mornings Ahead As Daylight Savings Returns

File Photo

  OCEAN COUNTY – The time has come where many students will be waiting for the school bus in darkness as Daylight Savings takes place this weekend.

  “Drivers need to pay extra attention to the roads in the coming weeks as the clock change means more morning darkness,” Freholder Director Joe Vicari said. “Drivers and students used to traveling in the sunshine will find themselves with reduced visibility for the next few weeks at least.”

  Daylight Savings time will begin on March 8 at 2 a.m. All clocks should be set an hour ahead.

  “This is an excellent time to inspect each alarm and replace the batteries to ensure that the devices are working properly,” Vicari said.

  Although mornings will be darker, the days will become longer as the sun sets later up until the start of summer on June 20.