CVS Announces More COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

NEW JERSEY – The good news is that CVS pharmacies will be doing COVID-19 vaccinations at more locations. The bad news is that, like other locations, there are few appointments available.

  The vaccinations are free if you have health insurance or a federal program for the uninsured.

  The following locations will have the vaccine: Beachwood, Brick, Howell, Jackson, Lakewood, Manahawkin, Seaside Heights, Toms River, Waretown, and Whiting. A full list can be found at

  The list on the CVS website also has a spot to click if there are appointments available. Almost none of them had appointments available on the first day the list was posted.

  Health officials broke down the populace into phases based on how likely they are to come into contact with the virus, how severe the virus is to that particular group, and how necessary an occupation is to society. This is why health workers and those who live in long-term care like nursing homes were in the first phase.

  This was coined Phase 1A. Phase 1B included such groups as police officers and firefighters who have already been allowed vaccinations. 

  These phases were guidelines, and New Jersey has been adding groups as vaccines become available, and, in some cases, even when they are not available. 

  As of March 15, the following groups will be able to be vaccinated:

  • Educators (teachers and support staff) in schools from kindergarten to 12th grade
  • Child care workers
  • Public and local transportation workers
  • Public safety workers
  • Migrant farm workers
  • Members of tribal communities
  • Homeless and residents of shelters

  As of March 29, the following groups can also be vaccinated:

  • Food production and distribution; agriculture
  • Eldercare and support
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Social services support staff
  • Elections personnel
  • Hospitality
  • Medical supply chain
  • Postal and shipping
  • Clergy
  • Judicial system