Counterfeit Hundred Dollar Bills Lead To Arrest

Irwin Greene (Photo courtesy Ocean County Jail)

  LAKEWOOD – An Asbury Park man was arrested by police and charged with trying to pass off counterfeit $100 bills.

  The incidents leading up to the arrest happened on May 15 at the Gourmet Glatt on Route 9 in Lakewood, police said. A man attempted to pay for his items with what a cashier believed to be a counterfeit $100 bill. The man was recognized from being in the store earlier in the week, on the same day that someone passed several fake bills.

  The cashier returned the bill to the customer and escorted him to the door. The cashier would later tell police that the customer assaulted him before running away. Several employees briefly chased him on foot.

  Officer Cameron Rose responded to the store and retrieved the security footage. Police officers viewing the footage recognized the customer as Irwin Greene, 48, of Asbury Park.

  On the morning of May 16, Greene was spotted near the Lakewood Community Center on Fourth Street by Detectives Cavallo, Dennis and Donnelly. He was arrested without incident.

  Since the investigation is ongoing, the total number of charges are not complete yet. He also had several outstanding warrants for his arrest.