Cops: Scammers Claiming To Be Doing Coronavirus Surveillance

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  OCEAN COUNTY – Apparently, any issue is ripe for scammers to try to take advantage of people.

  In the wake of the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19, police departments are warning residents that scammers may be walking through the neighborhood. These people are claiming they are from the federal government, or the Centers for Disease Control, and that they are performing coronavirus “surveillance” door-to-door.

  Manchester Police put out a warning on their Facebook page and said that it is going on in other communities in New Jersey. They told residents that if someone comes to your door claiming to represent the CDC that you should not speak with them or let them into your home. Call your local police department instead.

  Moorestown police department and Sussex County put out a warning after people in that area posted on social media about the scammers, according to