Trump Plaza Implodes Into Dust

Reader submitted photo

  ATLANTIC CITY – It’s gone in a puff of dust. The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino is no more. It was demolished with the aid of around 3,000 sticks of dynamite earlier today.

  It’s been 30 years since its opening day and five years since it was bought by billionaire Carl Icahn through a bankruptcy sale. After decades of history, the site that was one of the first three casinos owned by former President Donald Trump is just rubble.

  Icahn was a Trump donor and former adviser. Trump’s ownership of the once great gem of Atlantic City came prior to the bankruptcy of his Atlantic City holdings. Enormous debt and poor revenue figures signaled the end of that ownership.

Photo by Robert Plummer

  At first, the casino was very successful and even attracted celebrities such as Don Johnson and Sean Penn and some high-profile entertainment acts including Madonna and Barbara Streisand.

  That was a different era however and by the time it closed it was said to be the city’s worst performing casino attractions. The rubble left behind after today’s implosion is all that is left.

Photo by Robert Plummer

  Atlantic City’s Mayor Marty Small referred to the implosion event as being “exciting.” He previously proposed using the demolition as an auction. The proceeds of that would go to charity but his idea was shut down for safety and liability reasons by Icahn.

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