Monmouth County Library Adds New History Exhibit

Innovators and inventors are highlighted as part of the exhibit. (Photo courtesy Monmouth County)

MONMOUTH COUNTY – Monmouth County Clerk, Christine Giordano Hanlon, recently announced that a new history exhibit is now installed on the lower level of the Monmouth County Library Headquarters in Manalapan, outside the Archives Office. The exhibit, entitled “New Jersey in Focus: Inventors and Innovators in Monmouth County,” is part of the Monmouth County Archives Division and focuses on the history of inventors unique to Monmouth County for a special look into local history.

“This exhibit was showcased at our 22nd Annual Archives and History Day, which took place on Oct. 14,” said Hanlon. “We are proud to make our exhibit readily available to the public and to in turn, provide an opportunity to learn about the history of Monmouth County.”

Visitors can attend the exhibit to learn about the local history within the community as well as some of the special inventions that are exclusive to Monmouth County.

“The exhibit highlights a selection of both renowned and obscure inventions and their inventors,” said Monmouth County Archivist and Editor/Co-Curator, Gary Saretzky. It showcases the thousands of Monmouth County residents that have been awarded patents and others that conceived excellent ideas but never patented them, yet have still greatly influenced daily life, said Saretzky.

The exhibit, “New Jersey in Focus: Inventors and Innovators in Monmouth County,” will be open to the public until the summer of 2018.

A catalog for the exhibit and a history quiz have also been created and are accessible to view and download on the Monmouth County Archives Division website at

The Monmouth County Library Headquarters is located at 125 Symmes Drive in Manalapan. For additional information, please contact the Monmouth County Archives Division at 732-308-3771 or