Veterans To Get Discount At Beaches

Manchester Mayor Robert Hudak speaks to the Township Council and members of the public during a recent Manchester Council meeting. (Photo by Bob Vosseller)

  MANCHESTER – Township officials introduced an ordinance to provide a discount to veterans and also discussed the community’s future use of renewable energy sources.

  The Council noted plans progressing for a Memorial Day Parade to be held later this month. They also voted unanimously to introduce an ordinance entitled “summer beach badge fees” providing half off to veterans, with proof of their service for lake facilities within the municipality.

  Council Vice President Michele Zolezi remarked that she was very pleased with the idea of the discount being provided through the ordinance. “We appreciate and are extremely respectful of our veterans in Manchester. We have a lot of veterans in Manchester, and on our town web page ( they can find participating venues and stores and things of that nature that provide discounts (to veterans).”

Energy Plan


  Councilman James Vaccaro has repeatedly brought up the need for the township to develop a 10-year energy savings master plan. “I am aware many of our residents are not in agreement of the concept and use of electric vehicles as a choice of personal vehicle for small convenient sized trucks for fleet programs and electric powered garbage trucks, electric buses for schools and other transportation use.

  “We have many questions that have to be resolved such as the substantial cost of the electric chargers, battery longevity, how many miles can I travel on a charge and special types of charging stations,” Vaccaro added. “As an aside, Detroit’s big three automakers have pledged to have 40 to 50 percent of their vehicle sales by 2030 to be electric models and hybrid models.

  “That being said, time is of the essence and we must begin now to consider installation of high speed electric vehicle charging stations in Manchester Township. We must jumpstart addressing and implementing a 10-year energy plan applicable to Manchester Township,” he said.

  Vaccaro went onto say such an energy plan would need to encompass “alternative sources of renewable energy of wind, geothermal and more extensive use of solar energy and the exploration of potential site installations for high-speed charging stations.”

  He also advocated for the continued exploration of available state funding for the charging stations as part of the energy plan. He was looking for an answer from the Department of Public Utilities as to whether the township was eligible “for any of the grant funds that are available for charging stations, electric trucks or automobiles.”

Health Facilities Are Changing

  “Many hospitals are reorganizing their holdings by selling off their nursing homes and long-term care facilities and continuing constructing primary care wellness facilities in numerous locations. I continue to recommend that the township continue to aggressively seek to attract a primary care wellness facility or hospital-based village type center to be housed in Manchester Township, thus ensuring a healthier community,” Councilman Vaccaro said.

  “The facility would be well supported and well available to the residents of adjacent townships, boroughs and towns. No one should have to travel great distances to have to get superior health care and Manchester Township would have acquired a business ratable that would attract related medical businesses,” he added.

Health Screenings Held

  He also mentioned two recent health screening sessions held in the township. One was held at Crestwood Village VII clubhouse while the other was held at the Renaissance Clubhouse ballroom. “Other health screening sessions and seminars are in the planning stages,” the councilman added. They will involve the participation of the Ocean County Health Department.

  He also once again urged residents who may need help from the township’s Senior Services Department to contact that office by calling 732-657-8121 Extensions 5000, 5100, 5102.

Contracts Awarded

  Contracts were also awarded at this meeting. Music Theatric International and LaGuardia Entertainment received a contract for the Recreation Department.

  A contract for roof work on Town Hall and the Department of Public Works was awarded at $168,000. Down the Shore Ice Cream received a contract to sell at Harry Wright Lake for $1,750. A contract was also awarded to Coronis Health RCM for emergency medical billing services for third party billing.

  Township Clerk Sabina Martin said the municipality canceled the contract “currently that we have for third party billing (with Third Party Biller DM Billings). That is a three-year contract at seven percent.”

  A bid for recycling services to Central Waste and Recycling Inc. was also awarded and Deputy Registrar Beth-Ellen Gencarelli was reappointed for another term which will end in 2025.