Surf & Stream Neighbor May Also Be Redeveloped

Manchester Town Hall (Photo by Jennifer Peacock)

MANCHESTER – Another plot of land on Ridgeway Road might be redeveloped as well: a former farm near the Surf & Stream Campground.

Recently, the Township Council approved the investigation of a redevelopment plan by the Planning Board for Surf & Stream. The owner had decided to convert it into something else, possibly a mix of permanent residential and commercial.

A redevelopment plan becomes a contract between the town, the owner of the property, and any other relevant parties, if there are any. It allows the town more control over what can be placed there, as opposed to the owner making an application to the planning board.

However, there are state guidelines that determine whether a project can be a candidate for redevelopment. The Township Council had already sent Surf & Stream to the planning board to investigate this possibility. At the most recent meeting, they also sent a nearby property to the planning board to see if that property could be redeveloped as well.

Heading toward Route 9 on Ridgeway/Route 571 from Surf & Stream, the next property is the United Church of Christ, which would be unaffected. After that is the property that would also be considered for redevelopment. This property was historically a farm, although it is a single family home now, Councilman Sam Fusaro said.

This property is not owned by the same person who owns Surf & Stream. The properties are listed as Block 1, Lots 1, 3 and 4.