Surf And Stream Residents Face Mass Eviction

Displaced residents gathered to work together on finding a new place to live. (Photo by Stephanie Faughnan)

  MANCHESTER – Surf and Stream residents who claim they live at the campgrounds year-round have been served with mass eviction notices.

  According to Marie Cicalo, a former manager of the campgrounds, she received notification of the eviction proceedings yesterday. Her court matter is listed for June 30.

  “The papers list the reason for eviction as non-payment of rent,” said Cicalo. “The owner was not taking money from us when we tried to pay it.”

  The Law Offices of Christopher Dasti filed the eviction papers on behalf of Barry Bielat of Riverside of Manchester, LLC, which owns Surf and Stream.

Photo by Stephanie A. Faughnan

  “They’re not being evicted just for non-payment of rent,” Dasti submitted. “Everyone was served notices to get out and that there were violations on the campgrounds. They are also aware that because the county is buying the property, they have to leave.”

  Ocean County Commissioners announced months ago that the Ocean County and the Township of Manchester planned to purchase the campgrounds for $7.4 million.

  Bielat, the spokesperson for Riverside of Manchester, LLC has denied that anyone lives on the campgrounds throughout the year. He previously informed residents the site would no longer be open beyond May 23.

  Kevin Starkey, a Toms River attorney, has attempted to negotiate relocation costs from the owner on behalf of the residents who are finding it difficult to find new homes.