Ridgeway Blvd. To Get Revamped

The V-shaped intersection will be changed in the future. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

MANCHESTER –  The intersection of Ridgeway Boulevard and Route 547 will be changing, as a new lighted intersection will help with the additional traffic from a new senior community.

At a recent meeting, the Ocean County Freeholders voted to execute an easement agreement with the Department of the Air Force to realign Ridgeway Boulevard and to construct a traffic signal at Route 547.

The River Pointe development is one of the causes of the change in the intersection, so the developer will be paying for it. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

What this means is that they had to acquire a strip of land from the base in order for the developer to rework the intersection, county engineer John Ernst said.

Currently, Ridgeway Boulevard and Route 547 connect in a V-shape near Alba’s Pub, on the border of Lakehurst. Drivers heading north can head either way. If you are driving south on Ridgeway, and want to turn north on 547, you have to navigate a tight turn on that V, into oncoming traffic.

Under the new plan, Ridgeway would veer west and form a perpendicular intersection at 547, Ernst said. There will be a traffic signal there. The new intersection will be just north of the Cathedral of the Air.

The existing intersection, where Ridgeway forms a V with 547, will also be changed, he said. A driver heading south on Ridgeway will follow the road to the new intersection. From there, they can either go north or south on 547.

The existing southbound lane on Ridgeway will be “cul-de-saced.” No drivers will be allowed to go south into that V. A small strip of southbound roadway will continue to exist only to serve the few businesses on that section of Ridgeway, he said.

The new intersection will be just north of the Cathedral of the Air. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

Drivers heading north will have to go to the new intersection and turn right.

River Pointe by Del Webb is under construction up the street on Ridgeway. According to its web site, it’s an active adult community with houses starting at $269,990.

Building this intersection was one of the conditions that were required of the developer before the neighborhood was approved, Ernst said.

Currently there is a sign stating that commercial real estate is available on that site.

The developer has the option to use the extra land created for commercial use, Ernst said. Any commercial property would have access from the new part of Ridgeway.