Opening Day At Little League Field

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  MANCHESTER – Elected officials celebrated the opening day at the Little League Field recently.

  Council Vice President Joan Brush said she had the opportunity recently to attend the opening day of field and see a long-time coach and former president of the league. “Joe Carter was there and it is always nice to speak with him and he was again extremely generous this year donating a lot of money to the Little League and we thank him for it.”

  “That field makes Manchester look good. It is just an awesome field. They have state tournaments there and they can do a lot of things with it. The indoor training facility might be the only one in the state on a Little League field. It was a nice day and the weather held out and I was glad I got to go there,” Brush said.

  Council President Craig Wallis echoed Brush’s remarks saying, “that field and that organization for Manchester has always done a tremendous amount of work. It is all due to the people they have within their organization. The volunteers do these things. It really is an outstandingly run organization.”

  Mayor Kenneth Palmer was also at opening day and remarked how it’s always a big day for local families and also thanked Carter for his continued support.


  “When I was a freshman in high school the girls cheerleading squad qualified for the nationals in California and they had to fundraise and they raised about $20,000 for all the girls to go to California for the tournament. They came up short until Joe Carter cut a check. He didn’t have a kid in the school or a kid on the team he just cut a check so those girls could go and qualify and I actually think they won that year,” the mayor recalled.