OB-CO’s Donuts Will Soon Be Available In Lakehurst

Photo by Kimberly Bosco

LAKEHURST – While it is true that OB-COs Donuts will soon be available at a new Lakehurst location, owner Rick Browner said that they will be teaming up with local fudge shop Teacher’s Recipe Gourmet Fudge to make this happen.

  An earlier report by Jersey Shore Online stated that the popular donut shop will be opening a second location. While the famous OB-CO name and treats are moving to Lakehurst, Browner clarified that the situation will be wholesale through Teacher’s.

  Browner does not have a set start date, but he hopes to be up and running by Easter this year.

  The popular donut shop has been open since 1953, serving up classic treats and unique favorites for over 60 years. Although Browner is not the original owner, he has been manning the shop with his wife Betty for the past 30 years.

  From a bungalow turned donut shop, OB-CO’s has become a Jersey Shore favorite over the decades, churning out donuts each day until the lights turn off. The shop’s website notes: “Our customers order from the outside, at a window beneath an awning. ‘Keep an eye on the string of lights outside – they’re turned on in the morning and stay on until our donuts are gone.’” 

  Browner said that they have expanded their menu from the original seven donut varieties to a whopping 36 flavors, all using the shop’s traditional donut recipe.

  The OB-CO signature is a sugar-raised, cinnamon sugar-coated donut. However, they offer a host of delicious treats ranging from Boston cream donuts, to the popular “Cannoli Imagines,” and the hard-to-find jelly squares, said Browner.

  Why expand after all this time? Browner said, “I just felt it was time.”

  The new donut spot will be available at Teacher’s near the Soda Sudz laundromat at Union Ave.

  The donut partnership will be coined “OB-CO’s West.”

  Because OB-CO’s draws a large senior customer base, Browner thought it best to offer their products closer to the senior population in Ocean County, nearer to senior communities like Holiday City, for example. 

  “They love to come here but it’s a drive for them,” he said.