New Video Cameras To Be Installed At Lake Horicon

Damage to the vandalized bathrooms at Lake Horicon will soon be repaired. The facility is also set to be winterized in the near future. (Photo by Bob Vosseller)

  LAKEHURST – Mayor Harry Robbins said he expected video cameras to arrive after November 11 for added security at Lake Horicon.

  Discussion of the purchase began following the vandalism of new bathroom facilities at Lake Horicon in September. The cost of the three cameras is $10,000. One would be located at the lake while the other two would be based at Borough Hall on Union Avenue.

  Councilman Gary Lowe reported that materials have been ordered and received concerning repairing the vandalized metal bathrooms at the Lake; the cost of those materials was $450.

  “We have to winterize the bathrooms which are currently still in service,” Lowe added. He explained that this was necessary so that the pipes don’t freeze. The bathrooms are not open in the winter, and with the water not running it could result with the pipes being frozen.

  Mayor Harry Robbins asked if the bathrooms would be removed for the winter. Lowe responded “no it is permanent but they will be shut down.”

  Lowe also noted that while fire vehicles in the borough were recently inspected that one truck, 6201, needs all its tires replaced due to wear and tear. “They are in bad shape.” He noted public works trucks were getting their biannual service maintenance.

  Councilwoman Patricia Hodges reported on the progress of the ordinance committee. She noted a procedure manual will soon be voted on. “We got together last night and we reorganized some headings and terminology and we reorganized a couple of sections.”

  “We had to change a few sections and the wording had to be modified as to where those sections were placed in the manual but it is the same document you received previously,” she told the mayor and council.

  Councilwoman Hodges said she and Borough Clerk Maryanne Capasso “made sure everything aligned. We worked hard on it. We are making sure the employees handbook aligns with it.”

  Councilman Steven Oglesby commended Hodges and Capasso’s work. “This is a 207-page document so this was no small feat. It is very, very hard work. I congratulate them on what they did. Tremendous progress has been made and we continue to move forward.”

  Oglesby said meetings of the personnel and finance committees would be held soon and would include the Chief of Police Matthew Kline.

  Cherry trees will be installed at various areas of the borough to replace older trees that either died or were removed due to their roots causing damage in sidewalk areas. Mayor Robbins noted recently that Dr. Brian Klohn of Lakehurst Dental offered to help with the tree replacement cost. The trees are expected to be ordered soon.

 Councilman Brian DiMeo stated new phone lines were nowin place at borough facilities. He also spoke about new security systems. He said that project was complete, “except for the alarms at the water plant and the new radios.”

  The governing body also introduced an ordinance regarding 800 Route 70, regulating the use of roadways, streets, driveways and parking lots by vehicles.

  The reasoning behind the ordinance is that 800 Route 70 is private property, therefore, the police have no jurisdiction there; but with this ordinance, it allows law enforcement to patrol the parking lot after hours.