Manchester Police Join “Operation Watch Dog”

Image courtesy Manchester Township Police

MANCHESTER – Manchester residents and businesses can now register their video surveillance with the Manchester Township Police as part of its “Operation Watch Dog.”

This voluntary program allows anyone in town with a surveillance system to register their location with the police department. Should the police be investigating a crime in that area, they will reach out to those registered to ask for the video.

Having this registry will help police expedite investigations, possibly leading to quicker crime-solving times.

The program is and will remain 100 percent voluntary. Personal information in kept confidential and will not be available to the public. Only law enforcement officials will have access to any footage.

The program doesn’t allow police to tap directly in any privately owned video surveillance. The Manchester Township Police will only contact home and business owners if a copy of their video may help in an investigation.

For more information about Operation Watch Dog and to register your home/business in the program, visit