Manchester Hosts Recycling Info Session For Residents

Ocean County Freeholder Director Gerry P. Little is pictured with an igloo provided by the County for proper disposal of recyclables. (Photo courtesy Ocean County)

  MANCHESTER – Get the answers to all your questions about recycling at “Everything You’d Like to Know About Recycling in Manchester” on Sept. 25.

  Hosted by the Manchester Township Environmental Commission, the Manchester Township Green Team, and the Ocean County Sustainability Hub, this program will be held at 6 Manchester Town Hall, 1 Colonial Drive in Manchester.  

  There have been residential requests and questions circulating regarding what can and cannot be recycled. This program plans to address them all:

  • What’s happening to those bottles, cans and papers we separate from our trash?
  • How do we know what is recyclable?
  • Why are the rules different in different locations?
  • What should we do with paint, electronics, batteries and hazardous waste?
  • Are plastic bags recyclable?   

  “Everything You’d Like to Know About Recycling in Manchester” will feature knowledgeable speakers, a Q & A, and light refreshments. Speakers include:

  Gary Sondermeyer, Vice President of Operations with Bayshore Recycling: Sondermeyer will discuss the cost and environmental benefits of recycling, what’s going on worldwide with recycling and how that impacts us here in Ocean County.

  Sandra Blain-Snow, Ocean County Recycling Program Aide: Blain-Snow will describe Ocean County’s recycling program; what’s recyclable and what isn’t; how to separate trash from recyclables; tips for remembering what to recycle; how curbside recycling differs from drop off and where and what to drop off at the Ocean County Recycling Center.  

  Ray Sloan, Recycling Coordinator for Manchester Township: Sloan will discuss Manchester’s recycling program and what items are taken at the Manchester Drop Off Recycling Center.

  For more information on this program, contact Peggy Middaugh at or at 508-864-3489.