Manchester Adds New Township Title

Manchester Town Hall (Photo by Jennifer Peacock)

MANCHESTER – The Manchester Township Council introduced an ordinance at the June 25 meeting that would allow for the addition of a new position for Assistant Business Administrator.

It would not be an additional hire, rather, it would be additional duties given to a current employee.

The ordinance establishes this new title, to be appointed by the Business Administrator with approval from the mayor and council. Whoever is appointed to this position will serve a term alongside the current business administrator.

“As the Business Administrator for the town it is important to have a named individual that I can entrust to handle the daily responsibilities of my position in my absence, (vacations, training, etc.),” said business administrator Donna Markulic.

A second ordinance sets the salary for this position at $7,500. The primary business administrator makes anywhere from $80,000-150,000, according to the township.

The duties of the Assistant Business Administrator are “to assist the Business Administrator in the discharge of all duties assigned to the Business Administrator.”

“Depending on the current workload they may be assigned duties as needed to assist me,” said Markulic. “In Manchester Township nearly all other management positions have a deputy or second in command other than the position of Business Administrator. We just believe it makes sense to ensure that we provide continued consistent oversight and leadership in my absence.”

This ordinance will be up for a second reading and public comment at the July 9 meeting.