Lakehurst Elementary To Open Jan. 7

Photo by Chris Lundy

LAKEHURST – An alert went out midafternoon Friday to let parent and guardians know their children would be back in their classrooms after the New Year.

Lakehurst Elementary School administrators said in a Dec. 21 letter that the school would reopen Jan. 7.

The Board of Education approved a change to its school calendar to allow Lakehurst students to extend winter break to Friday, Jan. 4.

“We are excited to announce that the Lakehurst Elementary School will reopen following the New Year,” Superintendent Loren Fuhring, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Clifford Barneman, and Business Administrator Barry Parliman said.

The school has been closed since the summer due to mold issues. Students had been split up amongst several other places, including Manchester Township schools, while remediation takes place.

More details may follow at the school’s website.