Hindenburg Show To Air On Discovery Science

Historic Archival Photo

  LAKEHURST – A show chronicling the Hindenburg disaster will air at 10 p.m. October 23rd Eastern time on the Discovery Science channel.

  It is part of a series called “Deadly Engineering.” Previous episodes have focused on the Challenger space shuttle and Chernobyl. An image of the Hindenburg in flames even adorns the show’s logo. This episode will share a double bill with the Titanic.

  If you miss the episode, it can be viewed at ScienceChannelGo after the episode airs, according to a representative from Discovery Science. A cable subscription is required to authenticate on that app.

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  The 803-foot-long Hindenburg was a commercial dirigible, that, alongside the Graf zeppelin, pioneered the first transatlantic air service. It ferried hundreds of passengers safely until May 6, 1937, when a fire claimed the lives of 36 on board and one on the ground.

  While the Hindenburg disaster is perhaps the most well-known of the airship crashes, it was sadly not the most tragic. In comparison of sheer numbers, the Akron’s 1933 crash off of Barnegat Light claimed 73 (plus two more, when another blimp crashed on a rescue mission to recover the Akron’s survivors).

In 2017 for the 80th anniversary, Micromedia Publications had special coverage of the disaster including a special edition newspaper.