Remembering The Hindenburg: 80 Years Later

It was May 6th, 1937. Hundreds were gathered on the Lakehurst Naval Base anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Hindenburg, the large German Zeppelin that was set to make a triumphant landing following its first North American transatlantic journey. What happened turned into a tragedy that no one would ever forget.

On the 80th anniversary of one of the worst airship disasters in modern history, Micromedia Publications takes a look at the Hindenburg both before and after the tragedy. A very special thanks to the Lakehurst Historical Society for their support during the coverage as well as the Ocean County Historical Society.

Special Hindenburg Coverage

Carl Jablonski, Navy Lakehurst Historical Society president, stands with Hangar One in the background. (Photo by Jennifer Peacock)

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Footage From The Hindenburg Disaster

Special Edition