Fundraiser To Recoup Supplies Lost To Lakehurst Elementary’s Mold Problem

Photo by Chris Lundy

LAKEHURST – A GoFundMe was started to help Lakehurst Elementary School buy supplies after much of their belongings were lost to a mold infestation.

Mold was discovered at the end of summer, forcing the school to be closed. Children are being educated at several other sites, including Manchester schools and a local church. The school has a tentative date of opening on Nov. 12, which is after the weekend of the teachers’ convention.

The entire school library, plus the classroom libraries, equipment, student supplies and even furniture and technology had to be thrown out. The GoFundMe, started by Kris Alexander, states that the district will need more than $500,000 to be made whole again. It had $700 during its first day.

District business administrator Barry Parliman confirmed that Alexander is a parent of a child in the school, working with the district to raise the money. The fundraiser can be found at

“The anticipated costs are extraordinary! Lakehurst has sought out all financial resources, but as a community we are looking for support for the replacement of books, supplies, basic needs, and bus transportation, as well as (assisting) in mold remediation,” Alexander wrote on the fundraising page. “The district as a whole is in dire need of financial support due to the excessive costs that have now put the school in an insecure situation. The entire community is eager to open the doors in November and supply students with the same resources and materials they had prior to this unexpected tragedy.”