93-Year-Old Resident Donates Taser To Police

Courtesy of allaboutstunguns.wordpress.com

MANCHESTER – The Manchester Township Police Department is certainly feeling the love lately. After recently receiving donations to the Manchester Township Police Foundation that funded the purchase of a new K-9 kennel for police dogs Storm and Lynk, the department received another unexpected donation from a 93-year-old resident.

Betty Bulbach recently read about the Manchester Police deploying a Conducted Energy Device, commonly known as a Taser, to defuse a difficult situation with a resident. She was so impressed that she asked her son-in-law Richard Orne to help her purchase a new Taser for the police to use. Although the purchase of the actual device is restricted to law enforcement agencies, Bulbach was able to donate the financial equivalent of the Taser, which Orne presented to Patrol Bureau Commander Lieutenant James Kosma on her behalf.

Manchester Township Council had already approved the purchase of 20 Taser X2 Conducted Energy Devices earlier this year, after police proved to councilmembers that they would be beneficial to the department. Just days after the Tasers were allowed on duty in March, officers deployed one to subdue a suicidal resident who was armed with a knife and slashing her arms and neck.

Bulbach’s donation will allow for the purchase of an additional Taser that will be put on duty immediately.

The Manchester Township Police Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides funding for youth and community outreach programs, police charities, investment in advanced education and training and funding for special equipment and technology in order to help police officers better perform their duties. To donate, log onto the Manchester Township Police website at manchesterpolicenj.com and click on the “Police Foundation” button located under the “Community Outreach” tab.