Woman Arrested After Using Child As Human Shield

Photo courtesy of copcruisers.org
Photo courtesy of copcruisers.org

  JACKSON – A 53-year-old woman urinated in a cell and clogged its toilet, flooding the cell, after using a child as a human shield to avoid arrest, Jackson Police reported.

  The incident began at a Walter Drive residence. Another person at this home was served court papers. The uncooperative 28-year-old was arrested for violating a court order.  

  He was later released pending a court appearance.

  Meanwhile, the 53-year-old woman entered the residence with a “young child,” police said. It was not reported why she was not permitted to do this, except that police said it violated a court order. It is unclear from police records who this child was. The woman allegedly barricaded herself in a bedroom. Negotiations with police broke down, and after informing the woman she was to be arrested for obstruction, they told her to open the door or they would be forced to break in.

  The woman opened the door. She was holding the child. Police ordered her to put the child down, which she did not. Police said she used the child as a shield to keep them from arresting her. She fell onto a bed, with the child beneath her. Police physically removed the child from her and she struggled with them trying to handcuff her.

  Once at headquarters, she urinated on the holding cell floor and clogged the toilet.

  She was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, interference with a court order, obstruction, resisting arrest and criminal mischief.