Six Flags To Debut New, Mythology-Inspired Roller Coaster

Photo courtesy Six Flags

  JACKSON – Move over Kingda Ka, another big, bad roller coaster is making its way to Six Flags Great Adventure in 2020.

  Six Flags is announcing the upcoming arrival of the Jersey Devil Coaster, the tallest, fastest and longest single rail coaster. The Jersey Devil will stretch 13 stories high and reach speeds up to 58 mph. Riders will soar single file through the dark and foreboding woods over 3,000 feet of track.

  The newest addition to the theme park was inspired by the famous New Jersey legend of the Pine Barrens. Legend says the Jersey Devil has haunted the Pine Barrens for centuries. More modern folklore even places this beast near Six Flag’s Great Lake.

  “Six Flags Great Adventure is home to the best and most innovative roller coasters on the planet, and we are thrilled to expand our unrivaled collection with the Jersey Devil Coaster,” said Park President John Winkler. “Jersey Devil folklore has been a source of fear and intrigue here in the Pine Barrens for more than 200 years, and this iconic piece of New Jersey history inspired the design for this monstrous scream machine.”

Photo courtesy Six Flags

  The new Jersey Devil Coaster features:

  • Four trains of 12 passengers each sitting low and inline style (one rider per row) with their legs straddling either side of the monorail track;
  • 3,000 feet of soaring, single-rail, I-beam track;
  • Tension-building ascent up a towering, 130-foot lift hill;
  • Flying at speeds up to 58 mph;
  • Three intense elements including a steep 87-degree first drop, raven dive and overbank cutback; and
  • Two dramatic inversions including a 180-degree stall and zero-gravity roll.
Photo courtesy Six Flags

  Theme park-goers can expect to see the debut of the Jersey Devil Coaster in the summer of 2020. It will be located along the lakefront near Safari Kids and Congo Rapids.

  For more information about Jersey Devil Coaster and next season at Six Flags Great Adventure, visit