Six Flags Fright Fest Lineup Announced

Photo courtesy Six Flags

  JACKSON – Get ready for the iconic fall festival, Fright Fest, as it returns to Six Flags with new attractions, shows and more starting September 10.

  A new weeknight event will headline this fall, featuring about 30 seasonally-themed additions delivering the ultimate Halloween thrills and chills. 

  On weekends, Fright Fest will offer the family-friendly “Thrills by Day” and terrifying “Fright by Night.” There will be six elaborately decorated areas, attractions for kids like the popular Trick-or-Treat Trail, 10 live shows including “Dead Man’s Party” and “Unleashed,” and of course the park’s thrilling rides will run in the dark.

  In addition, nine haunted mazes will give visitors the most extreme scares for an additional fee. Enjoy special limited-time fall offers along with an array of dining, shopping and games options.


  Here is what’s new in 2021:

  • Fright Fest Power Hours – On Thursdays in September, Wednesdays and Thursdays in October, plus October 25 to 28, Six Flags will launch a new, private event for ultimate thrill seekers. On the heels of its successful spring Coaster Power Hours event, Fright Fest Power Hours will offer exclusive ride time on the park’s coasters and select thrill rides in the dark, plus the added fright of indoor and outdoor haunted mazes at dramatically reduced prices. Attendance for this event is limited. Tickets and reservations are required;
  • September Fireworks – Guests can enjoy nine nights of dazzling fireworks set to a spooktacular music soundtrack. “Frightworks” will run weekends in September as part of Member & Season Pass Appreciation Month;
  • ‘Venom Gulch’ Scare Zone – Frontier Adventures will be transformed into a Wild West town abandoned following a mineshaft collapse. The town folk packed up and left…but the miners’ spirits remained to poison the town;
  • ‘Xpedition Dino: Survival’ Haunted Maze – The fun and educational Xpedition Dino tour will transform into a haunted maze where blood-thirsty dinosaurs have begun their prehistoric purge, and humans must try to escape alive. Fright Pass required;
  • ‘The Lab’ Haunted Maze – This newly themed haunted maze will feature a secretive laboratory where mysterious and unlicensed experiments are the order of the day. Fright Pass required;
  • Witch’s Brew – For the littlest boys and ghouls, Six Flags will present story time with the friendly neighborhood witch.
  • Jersey Devil Coaster – Guests will learn the legend behind the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest single-rail coaster. With its location along a mist-covered lake, the all-new Jersey Devil Coaster will deliver five intense elements in the eerie nighttime fog; and
  • Lil’ Devil Coaster – Adjacent to its hulking counterpart, Lil’ Devil will feature pint-sized coaster thrills for the park’s smallest guests. Debuting this fall.

  Due to high demand, reservations will be required for all guests visiting Fright Fest in 2021. Six Flags Members, Season Pass Holders, and daily ticket holders must pre-book their visit. Those who show up without a reservation will be able to make one on the spot, based on space availability.

Photo courtesy Six Flags
  • Fright Fest Attraction Lineup:

  Fun and family-friendly “Thrills by Day” activities include:

  • Scarecrow Street – Main Street is decorated in its fall finest for a great photo op.
  • Spooktacular Dance Party – Guests can join the street dance party featuring Halloween hits.
  • Cornstalk National Park – Kids’ rides and towering cornstalks make a great photo op.
  • Scary-oke – Six Flags calls all kids to be the singing superstars of the show.
  • Pumpkin Patch Lane – Pumpkins, hay bales and mums adorn this kids’ fall fun area. Photo opportunity.
  • Trick-or-Treat Trail – Kids 12 and younger can wind their way through the hay maze for sweet treats.
  • Witch’s Brew – Fanciful tales from the friendly neighborhood witch.

  “Fright by Night” begins at 6 p.m. The event may not be suitable for kids age 12 and under, and those who scare easily. The program will include:


  • The Arrival Ghoul Parade – A horde of demented clowns, mutants, and freaks take to the streets.
  • Frightworks – Exclusively in September, guests can enjoy eye-popping fireworks to a spooktacular Halloween soundtrack.
  • The Awakening – Guests harness the power of black magic to release the ghouls for “Fright by Night” in this stage show. Contains pyrotechnics and loud noises.
  • Dead Man’s Party: Grave Stories – Learn the tales behind the revelers at Dr. Fright’s explosive and iconic song-and-dance bash. Contains strobe lights, pyrotechnics, and loud noises.
  • Unleashed – Enter a mystifying world of incredible acrobatics, illusion, and dance.
  • Blood Drums – Driving beats and rhythmic power tools create a unique, pulse-pounding percussion show.
  • Doc Swan’s Sideshow of Oddities – Wild, wacky, and macabre exploits from sideshow expert Doc Swan.

Scare Zones:

  • Scarecrow Street – Scarecrows and zombies come to life on Main Street.
  • District 6 – Mutant villains have seized control of this gritty city in Lakefront.
  • Clown Town – Wicked clowns bring mayhem and madness to Movietown.
  • Lady of the Lake Cemetery – Cursed by the Jersey Devil, drowned bride Guinevere and other evil spirits haunt the Great Lake.
  • Venom Gulch– The town folks may have left, but the spirits of the miners trapped in the mineshaft remain in Frontier Adventures.

Haunted Mazes (Fright Pass required):

  • Reflections of the Dead – Come face-to-face with yourself as you try to escape the evil lurking in this labyrinth of mirrors, mystery and mayhem! Children 44” and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Fears – Six Flags will prey on your worst nightmares, from spiders and blood to dolls, ghosts and more.
  • The Manor – Travel the cobwebbed halls of The Manor, where flesh-hungry zombies are stalking around every corner.
  • Big Top Terror: Forgotten Carnival 3-D – Deep in the woods, stumble upon a forgotten carnival of rotten tents and vicious monstrosities trapped in the netherworld. Sponsored by Twix.
  • The Lab – Try to escape this facility filled with unlicensed experiments, mysterious test tubes, and top-secret research. Sponsored by Dove.
  • Xpedition Dino: Survival – It’s a prehistoric purge of epic proportions. Beware – dinos are on the loose. Sponsored by M&Ms.
  • Blood Shed – Mama welcomes you to her nightmarish farm of human-animal hybrids.
  • Wicked Woods – Dare to venture into the haunted forest where evil creatures of fables and folklore materialize before your eyes. Sponsored by 3 Musketeers.
  • Aftermath – A once-quiet neighborhood has been overtaken by post-apocalyptic mutant scavengers. Sponsored by Snickers.

  Fright Fest begins September 10 and run weekends and select days through Oct. 31. For more information about Six Flags Great Adventure, visit