Police Investigating House Party Robbery

Photo courtesy of copcruisers.org
Photo courtesy of copcruisers.org

JACKSON – Police continue to investigate a theft that occurred in the early hours of September 3 at a Casey Lane residence.

The victim was a teen who reported her vape pen, her cell phone, and $200 stolen during a party at the residence. Police responded to the residence at around 3 a.m. on Labor Day after reports of theft from an intoxicated teenager.

The teen stated that the alleged suspect was a male teen who first stole her vape pen. She saw him leaving the residence in a vehicle and went to confront him. He then stole her phone, valued at $500, and $200 in cash from her, police stated.

Police reported that the suspect attempted to drive away with the stolen items while the victim was hanging on to the vehicle.

“The male suspect then reportedly punched the victim, causing her to fall and strike her head,” police stated in a blotter.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information should contact police Detective Keith Hood at 732-928-1111 ext. 2599.