Police Investigate Death At Local Garage

Photo courtesy of copcruisers.org
Photo courtesy of copcruisers.org

  JACKSON – Police continue to investigate the death of a Jackson man who sustained fatal injuries after being trapped under heavy equipment at a local business, police said.

  On April 18, police received a 911 call from a man who claimed he was pinned under equipment at the Clayton and Sons Garage located on East Veterans Highway in Jackson. After the dispatcher lost contact with the man, police, fire, and first aid personal responded to the scene to search for him.

  The man was later identified as 58-year old Kenneth L. Mann.

  Once on the scene, officers and emergency personal began a search of the garage and surrounding area. According to police, fire personnel found Mann pinned under a piece of equipment at the edge of the property near East Veterans Highway.

  Mann was unresponsive when found so responders extracted him from beneath the equipment to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him. Mann was later transported to Monmouth Medical Center in Lakewood where he was pronounced dead.


  Mann’s obituary from the George S. Hassler Funeral Home in Jackson states that he worked as a mechanic with Ralph Clayton & Sons for the last six years.

  Police believe that Mann was attempting to take apart a piece of equipment that was needed elsewhere when the equipment collapsed and pinned him to the ground.

  The investigation is ongoing.