New Firehouse Project Moves Forward

Photo by Bob Vosseller

  JACKSON – The Township Council moved forward in replacing an aged firehouse with a new building during a recent meeting.

  The ordinance calls for the township to authorize the resale of township property to the Jackson Board of Fire Commissioners District Number II. The ordinance was approved and a public hearing scheduled for July 27 during the Council’s next meeting.

  “The district still has to go before the voters for the bond issuance to be able to build this firehouse. They have a long road ahead. The bulk of our firefighters are volunteers and they do appreciate your support,” Councilman Martin Flemming said.

Public Event Enjoyed

  Councilman Nino Borrelli thanked those responsible for putting on the recently held Food Trucks and Fireworks event earlier this month at Johnson Memorial Park. Everyone made it a success including the Jackson Police Department. “I was there early in the event and it was nice to see people out and about enjoying themselves particularly after this past year in town.

  “We are supportive and appreciative of our local businesses and another cool part of the event was seeing American flags up and flying as you entered the Johnson Park and all along the park – Jackson is truly a patriotic town,” Borrelli added.

  “Congratulations to everyone involved in the Food Trucks and Fireworks event. It was a fantastic event and even the weather cooperated. It was great seeing so many people out there having a good time with family,” Councilman Steve Chisholm said.

  He added, “the fireworks were great the food was awesome. Congratulations also to all our safety professionals. I spoke to a few and it was a smooth-running event. It was just good to see people coming back out in our town and I look forward to it all happening again in October at Jackson Day so I hope you will all come out and join us then.”

  “They all did an amazing job,” Council President Andrew Kern said regarding those involved with the recent event noting the Recreation Department, Jackson and New Jersey Clean Communities group, police and EMS, Department of Public Works and others.

  Kern thanked “Councilman Borrelli for all his follow up and working with the administration to ensure that the park looked beautiful. This is by far the largest public event I’ve seen recently. This makes us all feel much more excited about Jackson Day and we are already deep in the planning for that.”

Helping Hands of Jackson

  Councilman Borrelli also referenced the Helping Hands of Jackson program which set up two Sharing Centers in the community. One is located at the ‘Mug Rack’ and the other at a Barber shop on 571 by the Russian cemetery.

  He noted that they have stocked them with groceries for anyone that could use a little help and if the public wants to assist, to bring items there but to not put outdated canned goods and nothing to be left on the ground. Contact numbers are on the boxes for more information.

  “They are stocked with groceries for people in need so if you are in need of some help or know someone who needs help or would like to help out these centers,” Borrelli said.

Thanks And Ceremonies

  Councilman Alex Sauickie said he had the honor of representing the mayor and council at an Eagle Scout ceremony recently. “It was one heck of a ceremony. It was a great to see the great number of members of that troop that have made Eagle. Less than four percent of all Boy Scouts actually make it to the rank of Eagle. My compliments to the entire troop which is made up of all volunteers and they really shape these kids to be really good citizens.”

  Council President Kern thanked his colleagues’ staff and the public for the condolences he received concerning the recent passing of his mother.

  “It is a tough thing, the fact that you attended the Trucks and Fireworks, it is a testament to just how much work and dedication you put into this town since being elected. The same holds true for this council. They never seem to stop working. The fortitude they have by reaching out in entertaining not only your questions but going out on their own time looking out at things that need to be done. It is definitely a credit to each and every one of you,” Mayor Michael Reina said.

  The mayor once again advised residents to be wary of certain social media sites. “Let’s not listen to social media and the news networks the way we were when we were actually prisoners within our own homes.

  “Take everything you see with a grain of salt. Contact this council and his administration for truth with questions and we’ll be happy to answer all of them,” Reina added.