Man Files Suit Against Six Flags After Serious Injury

Six Flags Great Adventure (Photo by Micromedia)

  JACKSON – A Pennsylvania man has filed a lawsuit against Six Flags Great Adventure after suffering serious, permanent injuries during a trip to the amusement park in May of 2018.

  While waiting to take a ride on Six Flags’ Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest roller coaster, Steven Keim Jr. was told he could not bring his cellphone on to the ride. With nowhere else to put it, a park employee advised Keim to place the phone under some foliage in a nearby bamboo grove for safekeeping while he rode the roller coaster, according to the suit.

  After his ride, Keim went to retrieve his phone and stepped on “an extremely sharp piece of cut bamboo” which pierced through his shoe, penetrating the plantar area of Keim’s right foot. The incident caused serious, permanent injuries requiring sutures, the suit detailed.

  Despite the incident and ensuing lawsuit, Six Flags maintains that the “safety and well-being of our guests is always our top priority.”

  Six Flags stipulates that no loose articles, including cell phones, are allowed on rides. Park-goers can store then in a locker before entering the line for a ride or hand them off to a non-rider, according to the park.  

  Keim’s lawsuit was initially filed in state court in Ocean County but was later moved to Camden federal court.

  The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and legal costs for Keim, claiming that Six Flags was negligent and careless, failing to maintain the safety of its premises, “including the designated smoking area adjacent to the ride ‘Kingda Ka,’ and the grounds, trees and foliage immediately surrounding the area.”