Man Assaults, Spits On Officers In Bizarre Series Of Events

Marquise Cadet (Photo courtesy Ocean County Jail)

  JACKSON – Police reported that a man shopping in Dollar General became unruly, touching other people in the store, and eventually had a string of behaviors where he lied to, assaulted, and tried to get away from police.

  The incident started the evening of May 18. A man, later identified as Marquise Cadet, 26, of Lakewood, had taken his face mask off while shopping in the store. Employees said they told him to put it back on. He refused and allegedly began purposely touching other customers in the store.

  Police Officers Matthew Jamison, Ryan Gladysz and Jody Benecke responded to the store. They brought him outside to talk to him. They reported that he refused to give his name, claiming he didn’t have to, and that he was from another state and didn’t have any ID on him.

  The officers informed him he was being detained and needed to provide identification. He allegedly turned around and placed his hands behind his back and told the officers to arrest him. When they tried to put handcuffs on him, he pulled away and ran. The officers chased him down and a struggle ensued.

  Cadet also allegedly refused to cooperate, and struggled when they tried to put him in the police vehicle. At headquarters, Cadet allegedly yelled profanities at police while threatening to assault them. He spit into Officer Jamison’s face and claimed he had COVID-19.

  While placed in a holding cell, he allegedly used the mattress to cover the camera and flooded the cell with the toilet. He was then moved to another room, where he continued to curse at officers, cough on officers, and spit all over the room. “For unknown reasons, he then disrobed and took his clothes off and sat in the room naked,” police said.

  During transport to the Ocean County Jail, Cadet was able to free himself from a transport belt in the patrol vehicle. Officers had to remove him from the vehicle, and he struggled with them again.

  Cadet was ultimately charged with obstruction, resisting arrest, hindering apprehension, 4th degree aggravated assault (throwing bodily fluids at law enforcement officers while in performance of their duties) and 2nd degree terroristic threats (made during a state of emergency). These charges are merely accusations until proven in a court of law.

  The cell block was disinfected after the incident.