Jackson’s Elms School To Receive Sustainability Grant

Elms Elementary School (Photo courtesy dicararubino.com)

JACKSON – Sustainable Jersey for Schools has recently announced that 46 NJ schools and districts will receive grants in the amounts of $10,000 and $2,000 to fund a variety of sustainability projects in schools. Among these 46 recipients is one of our own local schools, Jackson Township Elms Elementary.

Jackson’s Elms Elementary received one of the sizeable grants for $10,000, according to a press release from Sustainable Jersey. With these funds the school plans to make a hydroponic garden system. This system will help educate students up to fifth grade about sustainability practices. The harvested produce will then be donated to the Jackson Township food pantry.

“The Elms Elementary School of Jackson Township is excited to accept this generous grant provided by Sustainable Jersey for Schools. With Sustainable Jersey support, these funds will help to build a living science curriculum that will bring S.T.E.M. to a level that would not have been possible,” said Michael Burgos, Principal of Elms Elementary, in the release. “Through the implementation of agriculture, aquaculture, and farming, students’ learning will truly come alive through real world simulations, providing all students with access to problem solving in an authentic hands-on environment.”

The grants are funded by the New Jersey Educations Association (NJEA) and have provided a total of $750,000 to support sustainability education for children in NJ through the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program.

“This is an important program that directs resources into our schools and NJEA is proud to continue to work with Sustainable Jersey,” said NJEA Vice President Sean Spiller. “It is our job to help create a new generation of engaged citizens and leaders. We help ensure that we leave a better world for our students when we emphasize the value of sustainability.”

The goal of Sustainable Jersey for Schools is to work towards a more sustainable future. These grants will provide the 46 chosen recipient schools with the funds needed to implement important and useful sustainability projects that will help Sustainable Jersey reach its goal.

“Congratulations to the grant recipients. Sustainable Jersey for Schools aims to empower schools with the funding needed to implement important sustainability actions,” said Randall Solomon, executive director for Sustainable Jersey, in the release. “We look forward to the completion of these projects and the ongoing efforts of these schools and school districts. The NJEA-funded grants allow communities to come together to improve outcomes for students, staff and the environment.”

“The Elms Elementary School is so grateful for our students to have this opportunity and look forward to implementing this innovative program with our learners. Thank you Sustainable Jersey,” said Burgos.

Some other local Ocean County recipients include Toms River High School South, Toms River Intermediate East, Lacey Township’s Lanoka Harbor Elementary and Mill Pond Elementary, Lacey Township High School, and Brick Township’s Lanes Mills Road Elementary.