Jackson Wildfire 100% Contained

Photo courtesy Ship Bottom Fire Department

  JACKSON – The New Jersey Forest Fire Service has declared the “Glory Wildfire” that swept through areas of the township on June 6 fully contained.

  At 3 p.m. on June 7, the NJ Forest Fire Service reached 100 percent containment of a 82-acre wildland-urban interface wildfire in the area of East Commodore Boulevard and Cedar Swamp Road in Jackson

  The fire was first reported on June 6 at 2:27 p.m. near East Commodore Boulevard and Cedar Swamp Road not far from the site of Glory’s Market a long-time grocery business in the township. All roads were reopened.

  Local fire companies responded and set up structure protection to protect homes and other buildings.

  The Forest Fire Service reported that there were no mandatory evacuations and no injuries reported. Monmouth and Ocean counties fire companies were involved with the response and monitoring changes in wind directions and the course of the blaze.

  According to authorities, “Forest Fire Service crews will utilize a backfiring operation to protect surrounding homes and burn fuel ahead of the main body of fire. Additionally, crews are constructing containment lines around the structures threatened.”

  Fire restrictions were increased noting “Red Flag conditions” which take into account of various weather conditions and dry conditions from the last several weeks around the state.

  It was expressed by fire officials that no significant rain fall had occurred in 25 days and there were several fires in the northern part of the state as well and that the one in Jackson is hoped to be contained by morning. It was also stated that a 30% increase in fire activity was noted in the state so far this year.

  Township Mayor Michael Reina said, “the professionalism and coordination of the men and women who responded today demonstrated how fortunate Ocean and Monmouth residents are. I’ve said this time and again given the natural and manmade events that I have witnessed throughout my tenure as Jackson’s mayor and that is God bless our First Responders.”

  “From our local departments, Police and First Aiders, to the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department, Ocean County Fire Marshalls, NJ Forest Fire Service, State Police and so many others who showed up to assist Jackson today. We are very fortunate have so many dedicated and hard-working individuals protecting us,” the mayor added.