Jackson Schools Urge Parents To Stand Against State Aid Cuts

Jackson School BOE
Photo by Micromedia Publications

JACKSON – Jackson School District is urging parents to get up and take action to help restore state aid funding for Jackson students.

On Feb. 9, The Jackson Times reported that the Board of Education was expressing anxiety over the state’s modifications the district’s state aid funding, which left the district with a $1.3 million shortfall. The state aid cuts will not only affect this school year, but many to come.

The Jackson School District has now joined the ranks of numerous other school districts to fight against the recent cuts to state aid from “what we consider to be an unjust and inequitable school funding law known as S2.”

According to the district’s website, “Under this funding law, the Jackson School District stands to lose a total of $17.3 million in aid over the next seven years. This would have a devastating impact on our programs and students.”

The district estimates the $17.3 million will be distributed through the following cuts:

  • 2019-2020 = $1.35 million
  • 2020-2021 = $1.7 million
  • 2021-2022 = $2.4 million
  • 2022-2023 = $3.1 million
  • 2023-2024 = $3.6 million
  • 2024-2025 = $4.1 million

Jackson school officials are calling local parents to take action: “ADVOCATE for our children by contacting our legislators and the commissioner. EXPLAIN how these cuts will impact our children,” according to their website.

The district is calling this an “ABC” method, or “Advocating By Communication.”

Jackson Township falls under New Jersey’s District 12, represented by Senator Samuel D. Thompson, Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer, and Assemblyman Robert D. Clifton. The district also suggested contacting State Department of Education Commissioner Lamont Repollet and Senate President Stephen Sweeney.

Jackson school officials have put together a comprehensive report on the state aid cuts that details exactly how local parents can go about contact their legislators by phone or email. The report can be found here.