Council Honors Jake Honig’s Memory

Jake Honig (Photo courtesy Howell Township Police Department)

HOWELL – On Jan. 21, the Howell community recognized the one year anniversary of Jake “The Tank” Honig’s passing. On Feb. 5, the Howell Township Council honored Jake’s memory with a proclamation presented to his parents, Mike and Janet Honig.

Jake was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer at the young age of 2 years old. He fought long and hard for five years before passing at the age of 7.

Jake’s parents worked hard both before and after his passing to advocate for the use of medical marijuana, a treatment that helped ease Jake’s symptoms.

“Because of him, medical marijuana is now accessible to people that need it,” said Mayor Theresa Berger.

“Jake’s positive attitude, strength, and fighting spirit during his treatment earned him the nickname ‘the tank,’” read Mayor Berger from the proclamation. “We honor Jake’s memory. We also recognize his loving family and admire their strength and resiliency in helping their beloved son.”

While Jake might have left the world too soon, his legacy lives on.

The proclamation honored Jake’s memory for “The research made possible by the study of his illness and the thousands of dollars raised in his memory for pediatric cancer research.”

The Honigs stood at the podium beside Mayor Berger while the proclamation was presented, holding a photo of Jake “the Tank.”